MICU MICU is a project born in Igualada (Barcelona) by the hands of textile designer Carles Piernas and Anna Casas, architect and interior designer, who after working professionally with other fashion brands, realized a demand for complements made from different and original textiles for the baby's world.
We love designs that are inventive, simple and use high quality materials. A comfortable, sophisticated style, and very "cool". Our collections are inspired by everything that moves around us in the world, and the life on the streets...

The main characteristics of the MICU MICU baby blanket is that they are made in Barcelona, following strict quality controls and a very traditional working process, the entire production cycle is controlled without intermediaries.
The materials we use are organic cottons produced without harming the environment with humane working conditions.

It’s a constant surprise to receive, through social networking and personal emails, affection and support from mothers, fathers and grandparents who identify the most with our products, designs and values. We pamper, advise and support hundreds of parents throughout Spain and the rest of the world.
That's why, at MICU MICU, we study the possibility of increasing our product range gradually.



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